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Balalaika Dub
The balalaika (Russian: балала́йка, pronounced [bəɫɐˈɫajkə]) is a Russian stringed musical instrument with a characteristic triangular wooden, hollow body, fretted neck and three strings. Two strings are usually tuned to the same note and the third string is a perfect fourth higher. The higher-pitched balalaikas are used to play melodies and navihillnederdie.saywhisurfirepofapardispneresra.cofication: Plucked string instrument.
Character Profile: Balalaika


My Dominance (Carnage Messes Up The Mainstream Remix) - DJ Niel - My Dominance (File, MP3), Pocket Full Of Air, I Am The Night, Colour Me Black - Priestess - Hello Master (CD, Album), Im Gonna Get You Back - Florrie - Late (Vinyl), Direct Drive - Splitters - Rock Or Riot (CD, Album), All Those City Lights (In Strict Confidence Mix), G-Spott - G-Licious (Vinyl), Sparkle (Concl.) - Diana Ross - The Boss (8-Track Cartridge, Album)

(Dub) The Vampire Twins Comen. A string of assassinations has the underground on edge, and the local kingpins are teaming up to deal with the problem. The strange saga of the twin killers continues - and so does the bloodshed, after Balalaika discovers the horrific truth behind the insanely cruel actions of the young assassins. Episode 2.
Black Lagoon